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Biodiversity — the animals, microbes, plants, and other organisms — is the thing that distinguishes this planet from all others known to date. Biodiversity is the thing that made and keeps this planet habitable. Biodiversity generates oxygen, absorbs carbon dioxide, provides food, comfort, and amazement, and much more. But how much do we know about it, and where might we find out more?

The purpose of this website is to introduce some of the biodiversity and biodiversity projects immediately around us, at UC Merced. We’ve organized the information in several ways so you can enjoy campus biodiversity as a quick virtual escape in your office, to getting out-and-about and into the various spaces that other animals and plants call home, and getting involved with projects across campus.

This page includes:

Points of Interest

UC Merced was built with sustainability and biodiversity at its core. Go on an adventure and experience this first hand with our biodiversity points of interest map! Each tree was mapped, species identified, and photographed. Locations of each tree were mapped using a hand-held Garmin GPS unit. Species identifications were found using Seek App from iNaturalist. Photographs of the whole tree, leaves, flowers, and fruit, if possible were taken. This information can all be found in each waypoint of the map.


Click here to explore more Biodiversity Points of Interest!

Projects on Campus

Welcome to our Biodiversity Projects on Campus directory, where we invite you to explore the thriving ecosystem of initiatives and endeavors aimed at preserving and celebrating the rich tapestry of life right here on our campus. In this digital haven, we showcase the innovative and inspiring projects undertaken by our community to protect, nurture, and study the diverse array of plant and animal species that call our campus home. From habitat restoration and conservation efforts to educational programs and research endeavors, we are dedicated to fostering biodiversity and creating a sustainable environment for both present and future generations. Join us in discovering the remarkable world of biodiversity projects by clicking on the link below!

Click here to explore more Biodiversity Projects on Campus!

Photo Gallery

Step into the vibrant tapestry of life on our campus with our captivating photo gallery featuring an array of plants, birds, and lizards that grace our grounds. From the graceful flutter of colorful wings to the intricate patterns of leaves and the elusive reptilian inhabitants, this gallery offers a visual feast of the biodiversity that thrives in our midst. Join us in celebrating the beauty and diversity of our natural world through these stunning snapshots, showcasing the harmony between nature and education right here on our campus.







Additional Links and Resources

Things on Campus

Helpful Apps to Identify Species