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Sustain Podcast

Live to Sustain is a podcast established with the purpose of interviewing individuals who can share their diverse perspectives on environmental issues affecting the Central Valley and beyond. This is a student-run initiative from the Central Valley/UC Merced. Our guests will speak on various topics including sustainability, environmental justice, climate change, current research topics, and more.

Our team is made up of one host and two editors who all share the role of producer. Each of our team members brings their own personal connection to environmental science, advocacy, and education. We all believe that bringing attention to these topics via an accessible podcast will assist our local community.

Our host and co-producer, Alexis smith is an environmental engineering undergraduate student and researcher. She conducts research on waste, the food supply chain, and life cycle assessments.

One of our editors and co-producer, Rachel Dyckovsky, is an undergraduate psychology major, with a passion for preserving the environment.

Another editor, Veronica Ramirez, is a UCM alumnus with a B.S. in environmental systems science.

Our last co-producer is Bianca Quintana, an undergraduate biology major, performing research within our local community on food security.

Learn and grow with us every episode and develop habits that help you branch out and live sustainably!

The podcast will launch on Monday, August 24th, 2020, with new episodes being posted every Monday at 10:00 AM which can be streamed on Spotify.

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