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Sustainability Initiatives

Faculty Sustainability Seed Grants

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Annual Joint Priorities

Beginning 2021, the ASUCM Sustainability Commission (SC), Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability (CACS), and Faculty Advisory Committee on Sustainability (FACS) collaborate to identify several sustainability actions to prioritize for the coming academic year. The goal is to raise the profile of sustainability across campus, to effect change, and to signal the campus’ commitment to a sustainable future today.


Joint Priorities AY 2021-2022

For AY 2021-2022, ASUCM-SC, CACS, and FACS recommended immediately taking three simple steps to clearly signal the campus’ commitment to a more sustainable future:

  1. at least double the number of green labs;
  2. at least double the number of green offices;
  3. zero out unnecessary waste production, including:
  • plastic bags at the UC Merced bookstore, Pavilion, and other campus services
  • disposable drinks containers, lids, straws, and other excess packaging at all cafés etc.
  • plastic bottles at special events and dining services
  • balloons (see appendices)


Joint Priorities AY 2022-2023

Coming soon!