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The Faculty Advisory Committee on Sustainability (FACS) is an initiative of the faculty and Provost’s office that acts to encourage and support sustainability education and research across all constituencies on campus. It emerged during the 2020 Project planning that yielded the Sustainability Research & Engineering building, and the committee was established in 2018 to promote complementary programming. Our focus now is on facilitating efforts in sustainability by members of the campus community and generating additional opportunity through coordination, consultation, funding, and action.

Current Members


FACS Membership (2022 - 2023)


                                           Michael Dawson          J. Michael Beman          Bristin Jones               Paul Almeida 
                                                     (Chair)                             (SNS)                             (SSHA)                         (SSHA)


                                                                     Sam Markolf          Colleen Naughton       Rebecca Ryals
                                                                             (SoE)                             (SoE)                              (SNS)


Ex Officio members:

Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, Academic Planning and Institutional Assessment - Laura Martin
Director of Sustainability - Breeana Sylvas
Executive Director, Space Strategies & Real Estate - Margaret Saunders



Education                                       Research                                       Communications & Events

Tom Hothem (SSHA)                   Paul Almeida                                J. Michael Beman
Colleen Naughton                       Sam Markolf                                Bristin Jones
Rebecca Ryals                                                                                     Andrea Joyce (SSHA)


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