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Green Lab Program


Created by My Green Lab, the Green Lab program works with individual laboratories and researchers to inform, collect best practices, and assess areas of improvement in research efficiency, including engagement, and targeted initiatives around efficiency in natural resources and other environmental issues. This is part of the University of California Green Lab Action plan. Labs who want to participate in the Green Lab initiative will be asked to take an online assessment to identify which best practices they are already doing that help reduce the environmental impact of their work. Once the assessment is completed, the Office of Sustainability will provide the lab with simple recommendations for ways the lab can be more sustainable. Once these recommendations are implemented and completed, the lab will be presented a certification of Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. To date, we have five labs certified. One certified platinum, two certified gold, and two certified silver.

If you’re interested in taking the assessment or would like more information, please contact the Green Lab Intern, Cindy Torres Camacho at A sample assessment is available here.

LEED Certified Labs

Congratulations to these labs for achieving certification:

James Whalen (Biology Instructional Labs) - Certified Platinum

Mike Dawson - Re-certified Gold

Benjamin Stokes (The Stokes Lab) - Certified Gold

Katrina Hoyer - Certified Silver

Rebecca Ryals - Re-certified Green

Sora Kim - Certified Gold

Carolin Frank - Certified Gold

Jason Sexton - Certified Gold

Liying Zhao - Certified Green