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The Faculty Advisory Committee on Sustainability (FACS) is constituted as follows:

– faculty chair [nominated; selected by the Provost]

– two faculty representatives from each school [nominated; recommendations by the Chair and selected by the Provost]

– an ex officio member from the Senate (e.g. DivCo At-Large member)

– Director of Sustainability [ex officio]

– Executive Director of Space Strategies and Real Estate [ex officio]

– Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, Academic Planning and Institutional Assessment [ex officio]


In early April of each year, the Chair initiates a process by which the Office of the Provost invites all Senate Faculty to (self-)nominate new members. This may or may not include a new Chair. Normally, there will be three new members each year, one per school, as each nominee serves two years, with half of the committee being appointed in odd, and half in even, years. When nominations are received, the Provost will first select a Chair. The Chair will then recommend regular members to assemble a diverse committee with relevant breadth of expertise for the Provost’s consideration. If possible, up to two nominees per available position may be recommended. The Provost appoints the new members. Terms of service begin 01 August each year and normally end on 31 July two years later.


Bylaws: TBD

Policies and Procedures: TBD