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Student Organizations


There are multiple sustainability oriented student organizations that welcome new members all the time. Each has different teams and projects focused on climate, community engagement, education and outreach, energy conservation, food literacy, waste and water.

UC Merced Student Organizations


Sustainable Agricultural Society

The Sustainable Agriculture Society promotes sustainable agricultural practices through education, research and outreach. The society strives to educate members of the UC community about the importance of agriculture and the huge role that the Central Valley plays in the production of the world's food supply. Members work to promote sustainable agricultural practices and to help bridge the gap between the largely agricultural community of the San Joaquin Valley and the students, faculty and staff at UC Merced.

For more information contact:

John Cronin, 

Engineers for a Sustainable World

ESW comprises students, faculty members, and professionals who are dedicated to building a more sustainable world for current and future generations. ESW mobilizes students and professionals to address the challenges of sustainability in the modern world. Through education, outreach and technical projects, ESW builds collaborative partnerships to take practical action and create lasting examples of sustainability both locally and globally.

For more information contact:

Mariam Beg, 

Student Sustainability Council

The ASUCM Sustainability Commission was created to decrease the carbon footprint of UC Merced and/or Merced by organizing and/or funding outreach events and technological retrofits; decrease the carbon footprint of campus events and activities by funding aspects of said events and activities; and generate a permeating mindset of sustainability across UC Merced and the Merced community.

For more information contact:

 Adriana Gomez,

Earth Club

The purpose of Earth Club is to advance awareness and understanding of environmental issues. This includes but is not limited to recognition of personal and public exposures to environmental containments, community outreach and education and promotion of a healthier environment.

For more information contact:

Anzueth Barela, 

UC Sprouts

The vision of the UC Sprouts program is to provide quality supplemental science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education to elementary students in the Merced community by developing and executing a curriculum in which they plant and tend an edible garden, learning about plant development, nutritious eating, the importance of recycling and composting and about going to college from UC Merced students.

For more information contact:

Adriana Gomez,

Sustainability Outreach Student Association

The Sustainability Outreach Student Association promotes and spreads awareness of sustainability throughout the school districts in Merced County.

For more information contact:

Timothy Trisnadi,