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Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

UC Merced Campus LEED Goals

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a third-party verification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. It ensures that a building’s design and construction strategies are aimed to maximize energy savings, water efficiency, and emission reduction, and improve indoor environmental air quality.

For the first seven years of UC Merced’s life, all newly constructed buildings on the UC Merced campus were required to achieve a minimum LEED silver certification for building, design, and construction. Since 2009, however, the certification requirement is gold.

As a commitment to the campus as a sustainable living laboratory, existing buildings will be certified under LEED Operations and Maintenance program through the LEED Lab class in the Engineering Service Learning program. Since 2005, UC Merced has had an on-campus LEED coordinator who has worked on every building project. The coordinator supports documentation compilation and compliance and ensures project review by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Merced 2020 Project

The Merced 2020 Project will double the physical size of the UC Merced campus to accommodate long-term student enrollment growth.  All newly constructed buildings are required to achieve a minimum LEED certification gold.


Buildings and Certifications


LEED Platinum Buildings

Science and Engineering 2 (certification pending)

Recreation Center North (certified platinum)

Student Services Building (certified platinum)

Half Dome residences (certification pending)

Dinging Expansion (certified platinum)

Social Sciences and Management Building (certified platinum)

Granite Pass (certified platinum)

Glacier Point (certified platinum)

Pavilion (certified platinum)

Sustainability Research and Engineering (certified platinum)

Arts and Computational Sciences (certified platinum)

3D El Portal (certified platinum)

3H Administration (certified platinum)

3M Health and Athletic Center (certified platinum)


LEED Gold Buildings

Classroom Office Building (certified gold)

Central Plant (certified gold)

Kolligan Library (certified gold)

Science and Engineering Building 1 (certified gold)

Sierra Terraces (certified gold)

Recreation and Wellness Center (certified gold) 

Early Childhood and Education Center (certified gold)

Housing 3: The Summits (certified gold)

Logistical Support/Safety Facility (certified gold)


LEED Silver Buildings

Valley Terraces (certified silver)