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Welcome to our Sustainability Initiatives webpage!

We're thrilled to take you on a virtual tour of our commitment to sustainability across all of our campuses. Sustainability isn't just a goal; it's a way of life for us. Our dedication to creating a greener, more environmentally-conscious future is evident in the numerous initiatives we've undertaken. This directory is your gateway to explore the innovative projects, programs, and efforts we've implemented to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve resources, and promote eco-friendly practices. Whether you're a student eager to get involved, a faculty member looking for research opportunities, or a visitor curious about our sustainability journey, this directory is your go-to resource. Click on the links below to discover how we're shaping a more sustainable tomorrow, one initiative at a time. Thank you for joining us on this inspiring journey towards a greener future!

Academics and Education

UC Merced offers undergraduate majors in Earth Systems Sciences and Biological Sciences, emphasizing interdisciplinary approaches, research, and environmental sustainability, with a flexible curriculum allowing students to explore their individual interests within these fields, along with an Environmental Science and Sustainability minor program that provides in-depth study of environmental sciences and solutions without the extensive requirements of the major. Click here to learn more!

Blum Center


The Blum Center at UC Merced is a multidisciplinary research hub dedicated to addressing global poverty and social issues through innovative solutions and community engagement. Click here to learn more!

Carbon Neutrality Initiative Fellows

Meganha Shrestha's position involves communicating UC Merced's climate change efforts to the university community through remote learning and researching climate change impacts on distressed communities to promote social welfare and justice, while Austin John Escobar's project centers on assessing UC Merced's emissions profile, supporting campus carbon neutrality efforts, and creating infographics to communicate progress. Click here to learn more!


UC Merced's Dining Services is committed to sustainability by increasing sustainable purchases, reducing food waste, promoting healthy living, and enhancing food literacy, with initiatives including nutritional labeling, composting programs, waste reduction campaigns, and reusable mug incentives. Click here to learn more!


UC Merced is committed to sustainable building practices, requiring newly constructed buildings to achieve LEED gold certification, with several already achieving LEED platinum status, reflecting the university's dedication to maximizing energy efficiency, water conservation, and environmental quality. Click here to learn more!

Living Laboratory

UC Merced's new campus serves as a vibrant sustainability-focused living laboratory, with every major building LEED certified, and offers students a unique opportunity to gain expertise in green building practices through the LEED Lab course. Click here to learn more!


UC Merced's Procurement Services department is dedicated to acquiring goods and services in an environmentally responsible manner, emphasizing sustainability, reducing waste, and fostering community partnerships to support the university's mission. Click here to learn more!


UC Merced is a hub of interdisciplinary research tackling critical global challenges related to water, energy, food, and the environment, with a focus on improving environmental sustainability and addressing issues such as climate change, pollution, and renewable energy. Click here to learn more!

Sustainability Working Group (SWG)

The initial approach to realizing the 2030 Strategic Plan Sustainability Commitment involves establishing a Sustainability Work Group (SWG) to develop and oversee the implementation of an updated campus sustainability strategic plan, aligning with UC Merced's broader strategic goals and maintaining leadership in sustainability within the UC system, state, and campus, with support from existing stakeholder groups. Click here to learn more!


UC Merced is committed to its Triple Zero mission, striving for zero net waste production by 2020 through innovative sustainability initiatives like waste diversion and the promotion of compostable utensils and reusable mugs. Click here to learn more!


UC Merced's Transportation, Parking, and Fleet Services (TAPS) is dedicated to enhancing sustainability by promoting alternative transportation options, upgrading to low-emission vehicles, and providing support for bicycle commuters and public transit users. Click here to learn more!


UC Merced, originally designed for water efficiency, has further intensified its water conservation initiatives, utilizing technologies such as smartphone-enabled leak reporting and data-driven irrigation modifications, resulting in a remarkable 23 percent reduction in water consumption since 2013, even with campus growth. Click here to learn more!