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          Welcome to UC Merced, where sustainability is not just a goal but an integral part of our institutional identity. Committed to creating a campus that aligns with our values of responsibility and forward-thinking, we have embarked on a journey that encompasses a range of initiatives designed to weave sustainability into the very fabric of university life. Embracing a comprehensive approach, our efforts extend beyond individual programs to encompass a broader vision that reflects our commitment to responsible resource management, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. This holistic perspective underscores our dedication to cultivating a sustainable future, where every facet of university operations and community life contributes to a more environmentally conscious and resilient world. Join us as we continue to integrate sustainability seamlessly into our ethos, making a positive impact for both the current and future generations. Feel free to learn more about how we are doing this by clicking through our current plans below.

UC Merced's Current Plans


Climate Action Plan

Long Range Development Plan

Sustainability Strategic Plan

Water Action Plan

Zero Waste Plan