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Green Offices Program


The Green Office Program at UC Merced recognizes departments, units, and offices that have integrated sustainability practices into their work space. Through an initial self-assessment questionnaire completed by the participant(s) which is then submitted to the Department of Sustainability, applicants will be notified of the state of their department, including existing sustainability practices and opportunities for improvement. Applicants will be informed on the most sustainable practices that can be integrated into their work space, creating a community that reflects environmental stewardship. Once the self assessment questionnaire has been completed, and feedback provided by the Department of Sustainability, an evaluation walk-through will be scheduled to certify the office space.

The program is point-based and provides an opportunity for departments to evaluate their current practices, set goals, and receive recognition for their sustainable practices. The program evaluates the following areas: energy and climate, waste and recycling, transportation, purchasing, outreach and events. Qualifying departments will be certified under one of the following certification levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Certification levels will be determined based on the total evaluation walk-through score.

If your office is interested in participating in the Green Offices Program, please contact Green Office Intern, Maria Cortes at for more information. For an example assessment, please click here.

LEED Certified Labs

We would like to congratulate the following labs for completing the Green Offices certification:

Chancellor’s Office - Certified Platinum

School of Engineering Dean’s Office - Certified Platinum

Associated Students of UC Merced Office - Certified Gold

Math Center Office - Certified Gold

Peter Arroyo, Housing Department Manager - Certified Bronze

Basic Needs Security - Certified Silver

Students First Center - Certified Silver

Graduate Division - Certified Gold

Facilities Management - Certified Gold

Health Sciences Research Institute - Certified Platinum