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Climate Ambassadors Initative

Climate Ambassadors is a University of California - Alianza MX) initiative to build a network of students in Mexico and California and connect them with career opportunities within the new climate economy and society. Climate Ambassadors are committed to a bilateral climate change and climate justice agenda that addresses challenges for communities, businesses, and society at large on both sides of the border. 

Climate Ambassadors Initiative 

Climate Ambassadors - Concept Note

The Network

Meet and engage with like-minded students in California and Mexico to exchange perspectives, organize bilateral activities, and build cross-border connections with academic, business, government, and civil society organizations. 

The Internship Program

Gain experience and insight through an internship with a company, government agency, or NGO affiliated with the network. Internships will offer students an understanding of how organizations seek to meet their climate and clean energy goals through activities such as defining ESG metrics, increasing supply chain resilience, engaging in environmental advocacy, and meeting the UND SDGs. 

The Mentorship Program

Interact with climate change experts from the educational, government, and private sectors, who will share their expertise and offer the Ambassadors guidance on how to pursue action and careers in the new climate economy and society. 

The Professional Development Opportunities

Strengthen your ability to pursue a career working on binational climate change issues, including through access to information about unique professional opportunities at organizations committed to a new climate agenda. 

Benefits for Ambassadors 

  • Career-enriching internship opportunities at organizations in California and Mexico committed to a new climate agenda.
  • A binational platform to share and communicate innovative student research projects and work experiences. 
  • A space to interact with industry, academic, and government experts, learn from key innovators in California and Mexico and gain hands-on experience with climate action. 


  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a participating institution.
  • Demonstrate at least intermediate-level English and Spanish language skills.
  • Submit a personal statement (500 words max) that describes your skills, objectives, and determination to succeed as a Climate Ambassador. 
  • Commit to spending at least 8-10 hours a month engaging with fellow Climate Ambassadors and mentors in the network. An additional time commitment is required for internships, to be determined on a case-by-case basis.