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Ask Me Anything - Melinda Hemmelgarn

Please join the University of California, Merced on Monday, 1/3 at 2 PM PST for an AMA with Melinda Hemmelgarn!

Biography: Melinda Hemmelgarn, MS, RD, she/her/hers, is a Registered Dietitian and investigative nutritionist who promotes food system literacy. She's the host of nationally syndicated (Pacifica) Food Sleuth Radio, a program and podcast that helps listeners "think beyond their plates." and connect the dots between food, health, and agriculture. She is a former state Extension (Missouri) nutrition specialist, newspaper columnist, and Food and Academy of Nutrition Dietetics, and Beyond Pesticides Board. She promotes organic food and farming to protect public and planetary health, and served on both Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service, and Organic Farming and Research Foundation Boards. She recently completed Al Gore's Climate Reality Project Leadership training. When she's not advocating for social and environmental justice in the food system, you'll find her immersed in art and nature - tending her garden, paddling her canoe, or tossing pebbles into creeks with her grandson while discussing ripple effects. 


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Missed the event? Watch it here!