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New Environmental Humanities Major: First of its Kind in the UC System

September 28, 2023
Hot off the press! UCM's newest "green" major in the news
Class field trip to Vernal Pools
Students from an Environmental Humanities class visit the Merced Vernal Pools & Grassland Reserve on campus

Have you heard about Environmental Humanities (EH), the newest SSHA major and minor on campus? The program, which will officially launch in Fall 2024, is the first of its kind in the University of California system. The EH program responds to an urgent need to create clear and inspiring environmental communicators. 

The “toolkit” students will develop in this program—including storytelling, creativity, critical thinking, and audience sensitivity —are applicable to producing inspirational engaging content for our society’s most pressing environmental and social justice issues. Learn more about this exciting new major in the UC Merced news article below!