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Seed Grants

In 2022, the Faculty Advisory Committee on Sustainability (FACS) initiated a partnership with the Academic Senate’s Committee on Research (COR), with support from the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost, to offer additional funds to support seed grants for sustainability research. The goal was to promote UC Merced’s efforts to achieve sustainability by investing in research that supports investigating pathways to sustainability and/or implementing a concept that will help the world move toward sustainability. We aimed to support a portfolio of proposals that addressed the three pillars of sustainability — social, environmental, and economic justice — and aligned with the campus’s sustainability commitment to “advance and implement an integrated campus sustainability strategic plan that showcases by 2030 how knowledge is generated and applied to effect institutional and societal change toward a just and sustainable environment and society for all communities present and future.”

Funded Projects

Academic Year 2021 - 2022

Project Updates