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Women in Cellular Ag.

Join UC Merced for a panel discussion with amazing women in the field of cellular agriculture!

What is cellular ag? As cited by NC State University, "cellular agriculture is an innovative, interdisciplinary field of science focused on producing agricultural products like food (e.g. meat, milk, eggs) or materials (e.g. leather, silk, bone) from the cellular level through biotechnology via cell culture, fermentation or other means. Cellular agriculture is a new application of biotechnology aimed at producing additional animal protein cultivated from cell cultures to feed the growing world population." The panelists include Dr. Akemi Kunibe, Dr. Vidya Chamundeswari Narasimhan, Muriel Vernon, Yadira Tejeda Saldana and more! The zoom panel discussion will be held on Friday, May 14th at 3PM PST.

Missed the event? Watch it here!