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Rocio Gonzalez 7/6

Rocio Gonzalez


"I am currently in the process of opening a healthy and affordable juice bar in Merced. I am also studying Holistic Nutrition through the Energetic Health Institute."

 Kind Neighbor is an all natural and sustainable juice bar. Our mission is to educate and serve natural, healthy and affordable foods to our community. We believe foods can heal.  So we want to help our community learn what food can do for them. We also believe words can have an impact in your everyday routine. That is why each juice one orders has a positive affirmation to help you start your day. We never compromise our taste so we use organic fruits & vegetables, and products as much as possible.  Our goal is to be sustainable, so we try to source our products locally as much as possible. Lastly, we are an eco-friendly juicery and we do everything possible to give back to our earth. Some of the ways we do this is by composting, reusing our pulp, and using reusable glass bottles.