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Jackie Wincek 5/3

Ask Me Anything featuring Jackie Wincek

Jackie Wincek works as the Procurement and Sustainability Specialist for DC Central Kitchen, a hunger and social empowerment non-proft. Jackie handles all incoming product to DC Central Kitchen including food donations and sourced local food. Additionally, she oversees their composting intiatives, food waste tracking using Leanpath technology and volunteer gleaning program, which partners with local farms during the harvest months. She served as an AmeriCorps volunteer and worked with Chicago Zoological Society before transitioning to the private sector to work in operations and supply chain management. Jackie's passion for improving the food system, reducing food waste and ensuring all people have access to healthy food led her to join DC Central Kitchen. Join UC Merced in welcoming Jackie on May 3rd at 2pm PST and ask her anything!

Missed the event? Watch it here!