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Ask Me Anything Featuring Nakárori

In honor of Earth Month, please join the University of California, Merced for our next Ask Me Anything on 4/4 at 2 pm PST. Click here to register!

Purpose: This talk, "Shamanic Climate Justice... Perpetrator? ... Victim? ... ChangeMaker?" will nurture inspirational seeds for the UN Secretary-General, National Presidents, World Economic Forum Leaders, Academics, children and adults to encourage policy makers' full implementation of optimal standards for our indigenous peoples' and non-human relations' thriving in our world. This will benefit all of us. Policymakers will,

  1. Implement written laws and oral promises on Indigenous Rights
  2. Expand Indigenous stewardship of our ancestral lands to heal Our Planet
  3. Yearn for our full and effective participation in all matters that concern us. 

Biography: Nakárori's a Two-Spirit (We/he/She) Rarámuri. She honors Your Ancestors, his Ancestors, and Ancestors of lands where we stand. He survived childhood social, racial, nutritional, educational, and environmental injustices. We is not a victim. Her Indigeneity and Ancestral Shamanism permeate his "arting", coaching, healings, and Global Indigenous Climate Justice advocating to ensure policymakers fully Implement optimal standards necessary for the thriving, dignity, and well-being of our indigenous peoples and non-human relations in the world.


Prior to supporting the Autochthonous Biosphere Coalitions as Executive Director, Nakárori was a federal public servant across the globe for the people of what is now known as the United States, for 10+ years, while collaborating with other governments.

  •  Privileged to have worked on all continents except Antarctica (tested proficiency in 10 languages), he led transdisciplinary international teams in multi-national/multi-million dollar programs (e.g., disaster response, medical outreach, migration, fisheries, internally-displaced persons, HIV/AIDS, humanitarian assistance).
  • Blessed with following great leaders and learning from exceptional teammates, her portfolio has included Foreign Policy, Congressional Affairs, and Communication Strategies: plus U.S. interests with the United Nations and African Union. 
  • Frustrated to have personally witnessed the Intersectionality of Climate Injustice in over half the countries on earth, she is developing and devoting his soul, mind, and being to do We's part to alchemize this.

This virtual event is free and open to the public. Can't Attend but have questions for Nakárori? Email the question(s)

Missed the event? Watch it here!