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Documents and Resources

Triple Zero Initiatives PDF 


Long Range Development Plan     Strategic Academic Vision     2009 Climate Action Plan            Sustainablity Strategic Plan        
Physical Planning Design Framework

10 Year Capital Financial Plan
Capital Financial Plan Slides
Living Labratory
WASC Presentation 2010 "Your Road Map to Sustainability"

UC Policy on Sustainable Practices

AASHE Appliation
LEED Master Score Card

Students' Guide to Sustainable Living at Stanford
Climate Change Reference Guide for Students
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Presentation 2006
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Presentation 2007
UC Merced Recycling Flyer
Sustainability Commitee Operational Org Chart 10/09
2009 SNRI Report
Alliance to Save Energy's Green Campus News Letter, April 2011
UC Merced Inventions

Sustainability Related and Focused Classes
List of sustainability courses at UCM.pdf

Multi-Media Resources
Sustainability Journal Feb 2012
GreenBiz Sustainability News
Pod Cast - UCSB Sustainabiltly Conference 2009
Pod Cast - Chicago GSB Daniel Esty....
Pod Cast - HBR IdeaCast 78
Pod Cast - Harvard's Briscoe Says 80% of Water...
Pod Cast - Pickens Says U.S. Doesn't Need to Be....
Pod Cast - Vauz if Berkley Sees "Very Serious"....
Pod Cast - Khosla Sees Investiment Opportunity....
Best Practices 2007

Web Resources
50 Ways to Help the Planet
UCSB Sustainability Conference 2009
UC Merced Presentation at UCSB Sustainability Conference 2009
UC Sustatinablitly Pages
UC Merced Dining Pages
UC Merced LRDP Pages
Alliance to Save Energy - Green Campus Program
California Climate Action Registry
Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
U.S. Green Building Council
California Student Sustainabilitiy Coalition

UC Sustainability Pages
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Fransisco
Santa Barbara
Santa Cruz